by Cadaverous Condition



Format: CDr
Released: 2003
Label: Starry
Cat.No.: starry 4

March / April 2003

Wolfgang Weiss
René Kramer
Jürgen Weinhofer
Manfred Bayer
Paul Droneberger

Peter Droneberger

Produced, recorded and mixed by Peter Droneberger at Lifebook Studio
Drums recorded at Noirmont Point

PRODUCT 8 are: Johann E and Börkur Sigurdsson


This CDr was given away for free at the CC concerts in Reykjavik, Iceland in May 2003.

The CDr came with a pamphlet written by BILL DRUMMOND.
CDr and pamphlet were specifically produced for the CC performances at the SÓLMYRKVI Festival in Iceland, 30th and 31st May 2003.

2 CDrs plus pamphlet have been sent as a message in a bottle. They were thrown into the sea from cliffs in Iceland. One bottle was thrown from the cliffs of Hafnaberg, the other one was cast into the sea from the western cliffs of Snaefellsnes.


released May 30, 2003

all songs by CC, except
"Snaketime" original by REPTILICUS
"Plate IV" written and performed by PRODUCT 8


all rights reserved



Cadaverous Condition Austria

Austrian Extreme Metal & weird music; established 1990.
Death & Love, Longing & Belonging. Drama and Trauma. Diary and Therapy.
Death Metal & Death Folk.

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Track Name: Now We Make The Past Undone

coming late but here we are
on our forehead the fallen star
so here I am, here I stand
await the moment time will bend

coming back out of the dark
on my forehead I wear the mark
feel the day when it´s all gone
now we make the past undone

now we make the past undone

arriving late yet here we run
in our heart a secret sun
here I am, here I stand
and my world will never end

now we make the past undone

come come
now we make the past undone
go go
to the place where we all must go
away away
listen, "remember the day"
you say
all those years get washed away

now we make the past undone
Track Name: To The Distant Grey

I remember the dreamwind
filling my sails then blowing me off course

I remember the blue sky
the follies of youth and a wish to die

I remember things held close
thrown away and forgotten

I foresee that it will come true
this my wind now blows for you

calling calling
across the blue

I remember the black heart
the knowledge of age and the falling apart

I remember the feelings I lack
and the friendships that were a stab in the back

calling calling
across the blue

I will burn this page today
I will throw my life away
I just do not want to stay
I give it all to the beautiful sea

calling calling
across the blue

calling calling
across the blue
to the distant grey
Track Name: Snaketime

Written by Reptilicus
Track Name: Shores Of Yesterday

here I watch the midnights go and all this searching has to stop
and how long this road appears and how uncertain in the night
I´ve got so far to go and oh so little time
though I may regret tomorrow I´d say yesterday was mine

so let us sing of the tortured heart
so let us revisit places past
so let us dream of chances lost
so let us sail on ships of gold

here the years rush like blood and what we love we hurt the most
adrift on that special day I glanced through to another world
but considering this and reflecting that, promises broken and nothing else left
what is real is better than what was dreamt, but still I can dream

we will never know

so let us sing of the tortured heart
so let us revisit places past
so let us dream of chances lost
so let us sail on ships of gold
to the shores of yesterday
Track Name: The Once And Future King

it beckons to us all
sometimes we cannot hide
it beckons us inside

open the door, a knock so pure
in comes the seraphim
teach me things, I already know
filled with adrenalin
cut him down, yet he grows back
and makes my blood sing

it beckons to us all
sometimes we cannot hide
the most unusual thing
the once and future king

wide open the door, a knock for sure?
in comes the seraphim
leave me things I don´t need
like a life to begin
cuts me down, cut, cut
in comes the new king

it beckons to us all
sometimes we cannot hide
the most familiar thing
the once and future king
Track Name: Tesco Girl

oh my Tesco girl
pretty foreign you are to me
would you like to know yet more
about our fate or the ONT

how is your life?
run away with me tonight
the crops may fail but you´d always be true
(I know) a beautiful Tesco girl

are you happy now?
with all the things that I never gave to you
is it all just a come and go?
and a lost Tesco girl

farewell (my) Tesco girl
for I will never see you again
another dream brings another face
and I will never know you
Track Name: PRODUCT 8: Plate IV

written and performed by Product 8
Track Name: And Never Return

a different world waits for me
a hideaway from all that´s wrong
across the waves to enchanted isles
far away and there we´ll stay

we all live troubled lives
but I´d rather stay here in the dark
you like the west but I go north
there is more than one true love

I´m just passing by and people change
hearing you say "people change"

and then you blackened all the stars
and then you never looked back
and then you sent the gods away
and then they never came back
and then I saw you in my dreams
and then you never came back

I am still the same but people change
hang on, it´s gone and people change

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